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The department is a large, diverse department with offices located throughout the Perth metropolitan area and regional centres. Information on how to contact us is provided below.

  1. Enquiries
  2. Reporting of Incidents
  3. Office locations and contact information
  4. Postal address
  5. Media contacts
  6. Feedback and complaints
  7. IT Service Desk
  8. Website issues
  9. Disability and access inclusion
  10. National Relay Service 


  • Consumer Protection: 1300 304 054 for consumer and tenancy-related matters or email
    • Associations and Charities: 1300 304 074
    • Consumer Protection licensing: 1300 304 064
  • Building and Energy building and plumbing-related matters: 1300 489 099
  • Electrical, gas and energy licensing-related matters: 08 6251 1900
  • Energy Policy WA: 08 6551 4600
  • Wageline: 1300 655 266
  • WorkSafe: 1300 307 877 for calls related to unsafe or inappropriate behaviour at work. To report a serious incident or fatality contact the:
    • 24 hour WorkSafe reporting line 1800 678 198
  • WorkSafe licensing enquiries:  1300 424 091
  • Mines safety reporting: 1300 307 877
  • Mineral Titles, Tenements, Miner's rights, Tengraph, Prospecting and Fossicking, Maps: 08 9222 3626
  • Dangerous Goods Licenses: 08 6251 2300
  • Other enquiries: 08 9222 3333

For enquiries about the department, call:

  • +61 8 9222 3333

If you are calling outside of normal office hours or about an emergency, use our After hours and emergency contacts.

If you have feedback relating to the standard of customer service you have received, see the Feedback section below.

Reporting of Incidents

  • WorkSafe: 1300 307 877 
  • To report a serious incident or fatality contact the 24 hour WorkSafe reporting line 1800 678 198
  • Mines safety reporting: 1300 307 877

General, Mining and petroleum/geothermal operation workplaces

Call 1800 678 198 to report a workplace-related death, serious injury or illness, or immediately life-threatening dangerous incident. These must be reported to WorkSafe immediately after becoming aware of the incident. Urgent medical assistance where required should be sought prior to contacting WorkSafe. After phoning through the report, use the links below to notify online.

General Industry

Non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses and dangerous incidents should be reported online.


If the incident occurred on a worksite covered by the Work Health and Safety (Mining) Regulations 2022, details of the incident should be submitted to the regulator via the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Operations

If a notifiable incident occurs at or near a facility arising from a petroleum or geothermal operation, the registered operator / PCBU must report the incident to the regulator immediately after becoming aware of the incident occurring.

Online reporting to the regulator can be performed by:

If you are calling outside of normal office hours or about an emergency, use our After hours and emergency contacts.

Postal address
Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Division name (e.g. Consumer Protection)
Locked Bag 100

Office locations and contact numbers

Media contacts

Feedback and complaints

If you want to provide feedback relating to the quality of customer service provided by the department, please complete the form below.

Feedback on our service

Complete the Feedback Form to send feedback on our service.

If you have questioned a decision or action of the department, but feel that your complaint has not been properly dealt with, you have the right to seek an independent review by the Ombudsman. Further information can be found at the Ombudsman WA website.

Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter sets out our service commitments to our customers, so you know what you can expect from our department with regards to staff interactions, information, services, privacy and security, confidentiality and giving feedback.

IT Service Desk

IT Services provides a single point of contact for all technical computing support services for users of the department's website and online systems.  The IT Service Desk is available Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm (GMT+8)

Ph: +61 8 9222 0777
Fax: +61 8 9222 3110

Website issues

If you're experiencing issues with our website or would like to provide feedback about it, please email us your website feedback, including your name and contact information.

Disability access and inclusion feedback form

If you would like to provide feedback about any access issues you have encountered with our services, information or facilities, please complete the Disability access and inclusion feedback form.

National Relay Service

  • Full details on the use of the National Relay Service for people who are deaf or speech-impaired are available.
  • NRS: 13 36 77 (the National Relay Service is an Australia-wide telephone access service available at no additional charge to people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment). 

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