After hours and emergency contacts

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Dangerous goods and explosives incidents and accidents

In an emergency – dial 000

Dangerous Goods Incident reporting


Building and Energy

Emergency after hours: 1800 678 198
Incidents related to the use of gas that are to be reported to Building and Energy.

Consumer Protection

Contact Consumer Protection for assistance on issues relating to tenancy, scams, shopping, motor vehicles, property, FuelWatch, and consumer protection licences.

Mines safety reporting

Mines safety contact number: 1800 SAFE MINE (1800 7233 64)

Petroleum incidents and accidents

Petroleum safety incidents

DMIRS must be contacted regarding all serious safety incidents as soon as possible by email to the contact below. Other occurrences or incidents can be advised via email to either the contacts below or relevant inspector. Written reportable incident reports are required to be submitted as soon as practicable within 3 days after the first occurrence of a reportable incident.


Petroleum environment incidents

DMIRS must receive verbal notice within 2 hours of a reportable incident occurring or since becoming aware of the incident.  Written reports are required within 3 days. Reportable incidents are defined in the Petroleum Environment Regulations 2012.

Email: or
Notification phone number: +61 8 9222 3727 (Reportable incidents only)

Petroleum well integrity incidents

DMIRS must receive verbal notice of an emergency or significant event within 2 hours or since becoming aware of the incident. Written reports are required within 3 days. Emergency and significant events are defined in the Resource Management and Administration Regulations 2015

Notification phone number: +61 439 964 143 (Emergency or significant incidents only)


24 hour serious incident and fatality reporting line: 1800 678 198

Private Sector Labour Relations - Wageline

Contact Wageline for information on pay rates, employment entitlements, complaints about underpayment of wages or entitlements and when children can work.

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