After hours and emergency contacts

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Dangerous goods and explosives incidents and accidents

In an emergency – dial 000

Dangerous Goods Incident reporting


Building and Energy

Emergency after hours: 1800 678 198
Incidents related to the use of gas and electricity that are to be reported to Building and Energy.

Consumer Protection

Contact Consumer Protection for assistance on issues relating to tenancy, scams, shopping, motor vehicles, property, FuelWatch, and consumer protection licences.

EnergyPolicy WA


Private Sector Labour Relations - Wageline

Contact Wageline for information on pay rates, employment entitlements, complaints about underpayment of wages or entitlements and when children can work.


24 hour serious incident and fatality reporting line: 1800 678 198

General, Mining and petroleum/geothermal operation workplaces

Call 1800 678 198 to report a workplace related death, serious injury or illness, or immediately life-threatening dangerous incident. These must be reported to WorkSafe immediately after becoming aware of the incident. Urgent medical assistance where required should be sought prior to contacting WorkSafe. After phoning through the report, use the links below to notify online.

General Industry

Non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses and dangerous incidents should be reported online.


If the incident occurred on a worksite covered by the Work Health and Safety (Mining) Regulations 2022, details of the incident should be submitted to the regulator via the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Operations

If a notifiable incident occurs at or near a facility arising from a petroleum or geothermal operation, the registered operator / PCBU must report the incident to the regulator immediately after becoming aware of the incident occurring.

Online reporting to the regulator can be performed by:

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