Delete your My Account or your Profile

Deleting your account or profile will completely remove your account / profile with us. When you delete your account / profile, your personal details and stored information will also be deleted (except that which is required to comply with the State Records Act 2000). This means you will lose your digital identity with us including access to our online services that require you to sign in. The deleted information will include any permissions or roles associated with your account for specific online services.

REMEMBER: My Account is your online digital identity with us and enables access to the Department’s multiple online services.

If you are unsure, we recommend that you disable your account or profile. You can always re-enable it again in the future.

Step 1: To delete your My Account or your profile you must submit a request in writing via email to

Regarding your email:

  • send your email from the same email address against the My Account or profile that you wish to delete;
  • make the Subject: “Delete My Account / Profile: <insert your name>”; and
  • in the body of your email write, “Please delete the My Account or the profile held under the name of <insert your name>.” 

NOTE: Sending a request to delete your My Account or profile from your registered email address, that also states your name from your account / profile, is a security measure. This action assures us that it is you who is making the request.

You will be advised by email when your account or profile is deleted, i.e.  deregistered.

Email account deregistered