Transparency policy

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DMIRS is committed to open, transparent, and accountable decision-making.  In line with this commitment the Transparency Policy supports our goal to improve the access and use of government data/information to deliver better outcomes for the community as outlined in DMIRS Strategic Plan Towards 2024.

Transparency Policy

DMIRS is committed to promoting its decision making and processes to be open, transparent and accountable.

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This policy seeks to promote:

  • increased confidence and trust in the community through greater understanding and awareness of DMIRS’ decision making processes;
  • the principle that public sector information is an asset that should be available for access and use;
  • access to information that is current, relevant and easily accessible;
  • access to information that can enable and attract investment in Western Australia;
  • opportunities for communication with stakeholders and the community; and
  • economic, social and environmental gains through better informed decision making.

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