Police checks for occupational licensing purposes

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The information on this page applies to you if you are applying for an authorisation issued by one of the following Licensing Authorities:

Most occupational licensing applications must be accompanied by an Australian police check.  For further detail of when a police check is required refer to the relevant application form.

For specific information about accepted police checks for applications under the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 please refer to Dangerous Goods licensing

A police check can be either:

  1. A National Police Certificate (NPC) – available online from the Western Australia Police Force or, if you are located outside of WA, contact your local police service.  


Unless WA Police issue you a Digital NPC, the original certificate, or a certified copy of the original, must be lodged with your application.

As documents cannot be returned to you, duly certified copies will be accepted should you wish to keep the original. The occupations authorised to certify documents  are those defined in Schedule 2 of the Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act 2005. The full list and information about witnessing documents can be found here.


  1. A National Police History Check (NPHC) - from an accepted provider listed below.


    The cost and process to apply (online, by mail or in person) for a NPHC is set by each listed provider, so you are encouraged to shop around for the service that best meets your individual needs.

    To be accepted, the certificate must specify “Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety licensing purposes” as the reason for the check.

    As most of the accepted providers issue a digital certificate, Licensing Services does not require the original NPHC as the certificate will be verified during the processing of your application.

    NPHC providers are listed alphabetically below in order of their registered company name. If a link is shown, click on your preferred business to go to its website:

Note: Due to the use of business names, branding, trademarking or product names, etc., the site you are directed to may not specifically refer to the registered company name. If you have any concerns that you have been directed to the wrong site, please contact Licensing Services on 1300 304 064.

Organisations accredited by the Australian Criminal intelligence Commission as an “accredited body servicing the public” can request to be an accepted NPHC provider.

Accepted providers must meet certain minimum requirements in order for their NPHCs to be accepted by the department for licensing purposes. This does not represent any affiliation, or ongoing commercial arrangement, between the department and these private businesses.

Please contact Licensing Services by email for further information.

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