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Effective and ongoing stakeholder engagement enables better planned and more informed policies, projects and services including a greater understanding and management of issues and potential risks. For stakeholders, the benefits of engagement include the opportunity to have their issues heard and contribute to the decision-making process.

The following engagement principles are used when conducting our business:

Inclusive – We understand and acknowledge stakeholders’ views and consider the issues from their perspective, and be clear and open in our communications.

Relevant – We are risk-based and adaptive, and continuously adjusting our focus in response to changing circumstances, seeking the best outcome for the people of Western Australia.

Responsive – We keep stakeholders informed of issues that affect them by providing transparent, timely, consistent and accessible information and feedback, and engage in a manner that encourages mutual trust and respect.

Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations affected, directly or indirectly, by our activities and those that affect our activities. These include the broader community, internal staff, communities affected by mining or petroleum activities, local State and federal governments, community groups, Aboriginal communities and industry groups.

Open for public consultation

Draft for public consultation Summary Date closing Status

Draft for public consultation:  Guidelines on how to prepare a Field Management Plan

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is seeking comment from stakeholders on its draft Guidelines on how to prepare a Field Management Plan. The draft guidelines are designed to assist registered title holders to develop their plans and revisions in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 3 of the Resource Management and Administration Regulations 2015.

Friday 19 November 2021. 

Email any comments or feedback to
Draft code of practice: Mine safety management system

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is seeking public comment on the draft Code of practice Mine safety management system (the draft code). Under the new WHS (Mines) Regulations it will be a requirement for the mine operator to prepare, implement and maintain a mine safety management system (MSMS) for a mine/exploration operation.

The draft code provides practical guidance on establishing and implementing the MSMS for a mine. The MSMS is the primary means of ensuring the safe operation of a mine. It brings together a number of plans, procedures and policies to enable a mine operator to follow a systematic approach to establishing and maintaining an effective system to manage health and safety, including: 

  • risk management 
  • principal mining hazard management plans
  • contractor management
  • reviewing and auditing of the MSMS.

The draft code has been developed based upon the following guidance material produced by NSW Resources Regulator – Code of Practice: Safety management systems in mines and Guide: Preparing a principal mining hazard management plan.

The Mining Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) have approved the draft code for public consultation. The Department seeks your comments about the draft code from Friday 15 October 2021 to Friday 10 December 2021. 

5.00 pm WST, Friday 10 December 2021 Any queries can be sent via email to


For previous consultations conducted by the Department, please visit 

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