WHS Act and regulations

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When do the new WHS laws come into effect?

WA’s Work Health and Safety legislation is not expected to come into force until January 2022. This means that the current occupational, mines safety and petroleum safety legislation still applies.

Overviews of the new WHS Act and general regulations

Overview documents provide Information on the new WHS laws coming into effect in 2022. Guidance for mines and petroleum regulations will be released at a later date.

Overview of the Act Overview of the general regulations

This information is designed to help WA organisations and their associated workforces (including volunteers) prepare for the new Work Health and Safety laws. More information will be added as it becomes available.

WHS Act and regulations


The formal title of the Act is the Work Health and Safety Act 2020. It provides a framework to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers in WA workplaces, and of other people who might be affected by the work.

The WHS Act and accompanying regulations will come into effect in 2022.

WHS regulations 

On 11 March 2021, the Hon Mark McGowan MLA, Premier, announced his commitment to implementing the three sets of regulations related to the new WHS Act from January 2022.  The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is working to meet this Government commitment. 

It is expected that in mid-September 2021, DMIRS will commence promoting advice, providing information and delivering education regarding the new WHS laws.

Information about the WHS laws will also be provided during October’s Safe Work Month.

Find out about the regulation consultation process

Developing WA's WHS laws 

Find out about the extensive work that has happened to date at Developing the WHS laws.

Got questions about WA's WHS laws?

A list of commonly asked questions and the Department's responses is available.
Modernisation of Work Health and Safety Laws - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stay informed 

Want to be the first to know when new WHS information is available?  Find out more at How to stay informed.

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