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The State Government’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy is now in effect for Group 1, which includes DMIRS officers who enter, and remain at, a rural or remote resources industry site or a remote resources industry operating centre for the purpose of performing a statutory function under a law of the State.

A rural or remote resources industry site is located outside the metropolitan area, whereas a remote resources industry-operating centre may be located within the metropolitan area.

All DMIRS officers who visit resources sites or operating centres to undertake regulatory functions will comply with the State Government’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

This will include officers conducting assessments, inspections and investigations from the Safety Regulation, Resource and Environmental Regulation, and Building and Energy business areas.

As required by the mandate, DMIRS holds the necessary vaccination proof for staff members visiting resource sites or operating centres to undertake regulatory functions.

The Chief Health Officer has authorised a number of nominated DMIRS Mine Safety Inspectors who are able to request information to ensure compliance with the Group 1 Direction.

For any questions about the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy and how it is regulated, please contact the Department of Health. You can find support information for occupations and industries affected by the Mandatory Vaccination requirements online.

DMIRS is working to ensure key services can continue with minimal disruptions to our customers throughout the phased roll out of the vaccination mandate policy to protect WA and safeguard these essential services and businesses for the long term. Depending on the situation, the way some services are delivered may be different.

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