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State legislation to allow Western Australia to participate in a national scheme for automatic mutual recognition (AMR) of occupational licences has been introduced into Parliament.

The Western Australian Government is working towards commencing AMR from 1 July 2022, making it easier for workers who need to be licensed or registered for their job to work in other states and territories. Those eligible for AMR will not be required to apply for recognition and pay for a second licence if they are already licensed to perform the same activities in their home state.  

The AMR scheme was developed through an Intergovernmental Agreement  between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments. On 1 July 2021, the AMR scheme commenced in New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory  and will progressively commence in other states, subject to the passing of legislation. The new scheme applies to a limited number of occupations currently  and will include more occupations as the scheme is implemented nationally.

Legislation is already in place to support AMR in the ACT, NT, NSW, SA, Tasmania and Victoria although most occupations are exempt until 1 July 2022 to allow time to continue industry engagement and to transition internal processes.

AMR complements the existing mutual recognition arrangements, which remain in place and available to individuals who require a local licence.

Key features of AMR are:

  • Interstate licensees do not receive a WA licence.
  • AMR allows the individual to undertake the same activities in WA that they are licenced to do in their home state.
  • While there is no application or registration fee, most interstate licensees will be required to notify the local registration authority of their intention to work in WA.
  • In WA, interstate licensees working under AMR will still be required to meet statutory and compliance obligations, such as requirements to hold insurance or to lodge e-notices for work done.
  • All Australian states and territories, except Queensland, have confirmed their participation in the AMR scheme.

Arrangements prior to AMR commencement in WA

Until the AMR scheme commences in Western Australia, people can still apply to work here under existing mutual recognition arrangements.  

For Western Australian workers seeking to work interstate, please check the relevant state or territory website.

Information and enquiries

Keep checking this page for up-to-date information.

Further general information about AMR is available from the Department of Premier and Cabinet or through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

You can contact DMIRS or you can email enquiries to: Occupational Mobility.

To keep up to date with any changes to the AMR schemes please make sure you have subscribed to your industry bulletins.



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