Recover a forgotten password

Step 1: Start at the "Sign in / Create an account" page.


To navigate to the "Sign in / Create an account" page, select the link to your required service.

Can you see the "Sign in / Create an account" page?

  • Yes: continue to Step 2.
  • No: click on the "Sign in" option visible in the top right corner of the page.

Or, if you are a FuelWatch subscriber, you will see the "Sign in" link located in the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on the "I forgot my password" link located below the "Sign in" button.


Step 3: Next, you will need to verify your email:

  • enter your email into the Email field (please make sure you have typed your email correctly); and
  • click on the "Send code" button.

NOTE: Email verification is part of the security process to ensure you are the owner of, and have access to, the email. This ensures you are the person making the request, which maintains the security of your account and keeps your information protected

Step 4: You should now see the next "Forgotten Password" page requesting you enter a verification code.

REMINDER: You must keep this page open while checking your email.

Step 5: Check your email for the account verification code.

REMEMBER: It can take up to 10 minutes for the email to be delivered.

If you did not receive the email:

  • You will not receive an email if you do not have a My Account. If you previously signed in using your Digital Identity (such as myGovID) or your Facebook or Google account, you will need to recover your password via those services.
  • If you do have a My Account, make sure you entered the correct email address. If the wrong email address was entered then clear the email field, enter the correct email and click on the "Send code" button again.
  • Check your Junk, Spam or Trash folders.
  • If still no email has been received, then you do not have an account with us as only existing accounts will receive an email. At this point, you may wish to create a My Account.
  • If there is still no email, try a new verification code by clicking on the "Get new code" button, however, note that any previous verification code(s) sent will no longer work.

Step 6: Enter the verification code you received in your email and click on the "Verify code" button.

NOTE: You have 20 minutes from when the email was sent, to enter the verification code and click on the "Verify code" button.

Should you cut and paste the verification code directly from your email via the double-click function, make sure that you have not pasted any extra spaces before or after the code.

If the verification code has expired, please click on the "Get new code" button.

Step 7: Confirm the supplied email is correct, then either:

  • click on the "Continue" button to reset your password; or
  • click on the "Back" button to go back and change your email address.

Step 8: If you have enabled two-step authentication then go to the complete two-step authentication chapter before returning to Step 9 in this chapter.

Step 9: You will be prompted to update your name if your current name does not meet the minimum name requirements.

Correct your "Given name(s)", if any, and the "Family name" and then click on the "Continue" button.

If you have only one name then complete the "Family name".

Step 10: Enter a new password and click on the "Set a new password" button.

The password (also referred to as a passphrase):

  • must be at least 14 characters long (we suggest an easy-to-remember phrase of 14 or more characters that has meaning to you);
  • is case sensitive;
  • must not contain any part of the email address;
  • must not be a password that has been identified as being insecure;
  • can contain spaces; and
  • does not need to have one upper case, one number and one special character.

You will also receive an email titled "your password has changed".

 Step 11: When the terms and conditions have been amended, you will be prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions:

  • to agree, click on the checkbox titled "I agree to the terms and conditions."; and
  • click on the "Sign in" button.

Step 12: You will now be signed in to the required online service.