Change your password

Before proceeding ensure you are signed in. If you need assistance to sign in, please read the sign in chapter and sign in to the required online service.

Alternatively you can use the recover a forgotten password chapter to reset your password.

Step 1: Your password can be modified via the "Manage my account" function which is available from within the online service.

Click on the "Manage my account" option under your name, located in the top right corner.

Or, if you are a FuelWatch subscriber you can click on "Manage my account" after clicking on your name located in the top right corner.

Step 2: In the "Manage my account" page, click on the "Change password" link.

Step 3: Enter your current password into the "Existing password" field and then enter your new password / passphrase into the "New password" field.

Make sure you enter the correct existing password. If you do not enter the correct password you will not be able to proceed.

The password (also referred to as a passphrase):

  • must be at least 14 characters long (we suggest an easy to remember phrase of 14 or more characters which has meaning to you);
  • is case sensitive;
  • must not contain any part of the email address;
  • must not be a password which has been identified as being insecure;
  • can contain spaces; and
  • does not need to have one upper case, one number and one special character.

NOTE: Why are you asked to supply your existing password even though you have signed in?

Supplying your existing password again before changing your password is a security measure designed to ensure the account belongs to you and that it is you who are making those changes.

Step 4: Click on the "Set a new password" button to set your new password.

Step 4 Change my password

Step 5: You will next be directed to the My Account "Thank you" page.

You will also receive an email titled "your password has changed".

Step 6: Please sign in again by clicking on the "Sign in" button.

Step 7: Once signed in, you will be returned to the "Manage my account" page.

From here you can click on the "Back to" button, located at the top of the "Manage my account" page. This will return you to the online service.