The department contributed to the delivery of several whole-of-government and cross-agency initiatives - each of which had shared accountabilities for their successful implementation. The following initiatives, were reported against the 2018–19 Resource Agreement.

Initiative Related outcome Contributing agencies Commitment Report against targets
Fatigue and Isolated Drivers in the Commercial Vehicle Sector A workplace operated in a safe and healthy manner
  • Office of Minister Johnston
  • WA Police
  • Main Roads WA
Nil – using existing departmental resources Target:
250 proactive stops proposed.
WorkSafe inspectors carried out 283 investigations. Enforcement rate was 20%, with issue of 24 improvement notices, 7 prohibition notices, and 45 verbal directions.
Exploration Incentive Scheme Promoting green eld exploration in WA’s under explored areas for mineral deposits and on frontier petroleum basins
  • Office of Minister Johnston
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
$10 million Maintain investment and exploration activity at levels required for the long term sustainability of the State’s resources sector.

As one of our department’s priorities in Towards 2024 is to improve collaboration with other agencies to deliver better outcomes, DMIRS has focused throughout the year on additional cross-agency projects through the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

  • DMIRS is part of the cross-agency and portfolio collaboration in three of the six outcome areas of Government’s Our Priority: Sharing Prosperity reform to deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes for the State. These outcome areas are - ‘A strong economy’, ‘A liveable environment’ and ‘Regional prosperity’; and cover six specific whole-of-government targets. DMIRS is contributing to this collaboration through support and leadership on the outcome activity groups, and through the provision of direct assistance in the delivery of actions to deliver targets.
  • With the assistance of WA Police and Main Roads WA, DMIRS was able to carry out 48 inspections under the Safe Road Transport of Dangerous Goods initiative.
  • The HAZMAT Coordinating Committee (Department of Fire and Emergency Services; WA Police, Department of Health (Health); Department of Transport; ChemCentre; and DMIRS) coordinated appropriate responses to incidents involving dangerous goods.
  • Two applications received and two permits were issued under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2014 (delegated by Department of Health) in relation to purchase of specified carcinogenic substances allowing these workplaces to operate in a safe and healthy manner with respect to carcinogenic substances.
  • DMIRS’ Public Sector Labour Relations directorate worked with the Public Sector Commission and line agencies in supporting the Government’s commitment to permanent employment through implementing Commissioner’s Instruction 23 – Conversion and appointment of fixed term contract and casual employees to permanency.
  • Working collaboratively, DMIRS and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) are the lead agencies in Streamline WA, a whole-of-government approach to improving regulation and regulatory practice to make it easier to do business in Western Australia. This initiative is also supported by the Department of Treasury (Treasury) and other agencies which are dependent on approved Streamline WA projects.
  • DMIRS, along with DWER; Health; Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation; Treasury; Department of Premier and Cabinet; Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage are implementing the Government’s response to the Independent Scienti c Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture in Western Australia by delivering actions contained within the implementation plan.
  • As part of the Government’s Roadmap for Reform’s Functional Area Leadership initiative, DMIRS is part of a pilot providing functional leadership in occupational safety and health across the WA public sector.