Industry Regulation and Consumer Protection

Industry Regulation and Consumer Protection works towards ensuring that building, plumbing, gas and electricity services are safe, and that there is a fair trading environment for Western Australian consumers and traders.

This is done by setting and enforcing the licensing and technical safety requirements, standards and legislation for the building, plumbing, gas and electrical industries. This Group also ensures there is a fair trading environment by applying the Australian Consumer Law and other trading and occupational legislation.

Safety Regulation

Safety Regulation oversees the regulatory and policy requirements of workers’ health and safety in the resources and general industries sectors. It also covers the licensing regime and safety legislation for dangerous goods, including regulation of the State’s major hazard facilities and petroleum operations. Safety Regulation is responsible for the coordination, governance, and consistent management of public sector labour relations, assists private sector employers and employees in understanding and achieving compliance with Western Australian employment laws, and shapes and implements labour relations policy and legislative reform.

Safety Regulation plays a significant part in building and strengthening Western Australia’s economy, by ensuring that one of the State’s most significant assets, its workforce, operates in a healthy and safe environment where worker’s rights are protected.

Resource and Environmental Regulation

Resource and Environmental Regulation is responsible for the regulation of one of Western Australia’s largest industry sectors, playing a critical role in building the State’s economy while ensuring its resources are developed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Resource and Environmental Regulation oversees the regulatory and policy requirements of the resources sector, in all areas with the exception of worker safety. Also delivering the department’s geoscience functions, including providing geoscientific data to reduce risk for explorers and increase the attractiveness of Western Australia as a destination of choice for resource companies.

Service Delivery

Working collaboratively across the department, Service Delivery maintains strong links with operational areas, supplying and sharing relevant knowledge and information and delivers a range of services on behalf of DMIRS. Service Delivery remains alert to opportunities to improve and evolve service delivery methods that are efficient, effective and keep pace with the advancement of technology.

Strategic Business Innovation

The Strategic Business Innovation Group supports the department in building a high performance organisation and achieving its strategic and operational objectives. It does this by focusing on whole-of- department strategic capability, fostering innovative thinking, and maximising digital delivery. The Group is responsible for: creating vision and strategies; leading whole-of-government regulatory reform; providing specialist advice to add value and improve the departments operations; controls; and risk management.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides a range of corporate functions, which work towards assisting the department in achieving its strategic and operational objectives by offering specialist advice, effective business systems and internal controls.

Operational structure

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