Our performance outlines our most notable achievements over the year aligned with the priorities of Government and our approach as a regulator, service provider and policy maker. Noteworthy matters relating to our performance include: developing a code of practice for mentally healthy fly-in-fly out workplaces; completing a Service Delivery Strategy; the opening of the McLarty Explosives Facility; and commencing the new family violence tenancy laws.

Resource agreement

The 2018–19 Resource Agreement between the department’s Director General, the then Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Commerce and Industrial Relations, and the Treasurer, was drafted in accordance with section 41 of the Financial Management Act 2006. It articulates the services to be delivered by the department, its financial and non-financial performance targets, and the government’s desired outcomes in the delivery of those services.

A summary of the department’s performance against whole-of-government and cross-agency initiatives is provided in the About us section. The department’s financial and non-financial performance is summarised on the next page, with more detailed information provided in the Disclosures and legal compliance section.

Snapshot of our performance

To engage with readers, we have designed an innovative annual report snapshot, which summarises the key information from our report in an easily extractable, stand-alone document.

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Performance indicator results are assessed in relation to a set target. The result is indicated by the direction and the colour of the arrow indicating the status:

above or below exceeded target;
above or below did not meet target; or
met target (variance ±5%).