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Risk management

In accordance with Treasurer’s Instruction 825: Risk Management and Security, the department has continued to implement its risk management policy, framework and procedures to ensure the effective management of risk. The focus in 2018–19 has been on further developing a ‘risk aware’ culture, maintaining adequate and appropriate controls and ensuring accountability for risk management at all levels of the department. A Risk Training strategy and messaging has been developed to support this.

An enterprise-wide risk management system for the department is being implemented to centralise the recording, assessment and reporting of risk management information. The system has been configured to ensure that the identification, assessment and management of risk is consistent and effective and is in accordance with the department’s Risk Framework. Anticipated benefits include:

  • improved visibility of risks, controls and treatments;
  • sharing of risk information across business areas to allow better insights and decision making;
  • consistent risk management functions and processes;
  • easy access to real-time risk information; and enhanced risk analysis and reporting.

Alignment of the department’s risk management function with the principles of the new ISO Risk Management Standards (AS ISO 31000:2018) further reiterates its focus on leadership in risk management. It also highlights the importance of integrating strategic and business planning processes with that of risk management. Commencing in 2018–19, and continuing in 2019–20, the department has, and will continue to work towards, integrating these two processes and the ongoing management of the department’s strategic and operational risk profiles.

Public interest disclosures

The department is committed to the objectives of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003. It does not tolerate corrupt or improper conduct, and strongly supports disclosures being made by employees, contractors and community members that could stop or prevent wrongdoing. We recognise the value and importance of staff contributions to enhance administrative and management practices.

In accordance with section 23(f) of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003, the department is required to report to the Public Sector Commissioner on the number of Public Interest Disclosures received, the results and any action taken during the reporting period.

In 2018–19, there were no Public Interest Disclosures received or managed.