Substantive equality

In accordance with the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2015-01: Implementation of the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality the department is committed to ensuring substantive equality is reflected appropriately in divisional operations, strategies and policies.

We recognise the diversity of the community and are committed to providing services to meet our customer needs. The department continues to place emphasis on enhancing service delivery to people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other culturally diverse client groups through the provision of specific information and education resources to ensure equal outcomes.

The department works through its Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019–2023, Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019–2023 and with other government departments, authorities, the community and industry, to achieve substantive equality.

Government building contracts

DMIRS has not engaged in contracts with an estimated value of greater than $2 million, either for construction or maintenance in its own right.

Occupational safety, health and injury management

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