Ministerial directives

There were no directives issued by either Minister during 2018–19.

Other financial disclosures

Pricing policies of services provided

Statutory fees are charged to the public for various services provided by the department. These fees and charges are reviewed annually in accordance with the government’s policy on the costing and pricing of government services. A robust costing methodology is used to determine the projected costs of service delivery, with particular attention to the level of cost recovery being achieved. Any increases in fees and charges are limited to the extent of cost recovery.

The department’s fee changes for 2018–19 were published in the WA Government Gazette on 25 June 2018:

  • No. 95 of 2018: Mines and Petroleum Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2018; and
  • No. 96 of 2018: Commerce and Industrial Relations Regulations Amendment (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2018.

The changes came into effect on 1 July 2018. Details regarding the fees are available on the department’s website.

Capital works

No capital projects were completed during 2018–19.

Act of grace payments

In response to Treasurer’s Instruction 319: Act of Grace Payments, all act of grace payments are to be disclosed in the annual report. Requests for an act of grace payment arise from many and varied situations and each request is assessed on the circumstances associated with that particular request. Act of grace payments are linked to the services delivered by the department.

Act of grace payments 2018–19

Controlled Funds

Controlled Funds

Unauthorised use of credit cards

Officers of the department hold corporate credit cards where their functions warrant usage of this facility. Despite each cardholder being informed of their obligations under the department’s credit card policy, 45 employees inadvertently made personal transactions using their credit card (four of which made two transactions).

These matters were not referred for disciplinary action as the Chief Finance Officer noted prompt advice and settlement of the personal use amount, and, that the nature of the expenditure was immaterial and characteristic of an honest mistake.

DMIRS is undertaking an internal audit on credit cards during 2019-20.

Personal expenditure for 2018–19 under Treasurer’s Instruction 321 Credit Cards - Authorised Use

Personal expenditure for 2018–19 under Treasurer’s Instruction 321 Credit Cards - Authorised Use

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