Our Journey

"The scale and complexity of moving to a new structure should not be underestimated and I recognise staff for their tremendous efforts in continuing to work as 'business-as-usual' and delivering a broad range of services" David Smith, Director General

The department's transition journey

On Friday 28 April 2017, the Premier announced Machinery of Government changes for the Western Australian public sector.

The former Department of Mines and Petroleum and Department of Commerce were amalgamated to form the new Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

The department’s transition journey through 2017–18 is illustrated below:

DMIRS journey infographic beginning July 2017

Figure 2: Our journey timeline

The department is continuing to build on this new organisational structure and is working towards continued improvement, including regular pulse surveys with staff.

This structure has positioned the department to achieve the Government’s Machinery of Government goals of creating collaborative departments focused on whole-of-government objectives and delivering services in a more efficient and effective way.

Further, our organisational structure allows us to deliver our services with a focus on our purpose of supporting a safe, fair and responsible future for the Western Australian community, industry and resources sector.