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Supporting a safe, fair and responsible future for the Western Australian community, industry and resources sector.

Enabling legislation

The department was established under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 on 1 July 2017. The department was an amalgamation of the former Department of Mines and Petroleum and the Department of Commerce.

Bill Jonston Responsible Minister

Responsible Minister

The Honourable Bill Johnston MLA

Mr Johnston is the Minister for:

  • Mines and Petroleum;
  • Commerce and Industrial Relations;
  • Electoral Affairs; and
  • Asian Engagement.

Corporate Executive

picture of corporate executive team

David Smith

Director General

During the past 12 months, David Smith has led the way in amalgamating the former Department of Mines and Petroleum and Department of Commerce to establish the new department. Previously, David was appointed Acting Director General at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in August 2016, where he had been the Deputy Director General since August 2008. Before his work at the DPC, David was a member of the Corporate Executive of the former Department of Treasury and Finance, with responsibility for economic policy. He held a variety of positions for 12 years. David also has more than 20 years of experience in the Commonwealth public service, including the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and an overseas posting with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In addition, he has also worked with a private economic consultancy in London.

Phil Gorey

Resources and Environmental Regulation Group

Phil Gorey has more than 20 years’ experience in natural resources management, environmental assessment and regulation of mining and heavy industry.

Previously Phil was with the former Department of Mines and Petroleum, and has experience in delivering challenging policy reform programs in areas such as regional water management strategies, land use planning and natural resource development. Phil has worked in State government departments in Victoria and South Australia, and prior to joining the department, was a principal in a private sector consultancy.

Peter Gow

Industry Regulation and Consumer Protection Group

Peter Gow has extensive experience in building design, construction and project management, specialising in construction contracts, dispute resolution and building codes and regulation. He served for 12 years as the Western Australian Government representative on the Australian Building Codes Board. Previously Peter was with the former Department of Commerce, where he progressed building regulation reform as the Building Commissioner.

Peter retired at the end of 2017–18 having served 47 years in the Western Australian State public sector.

Ian Munns

Safety Regulation Group

Ian Munns has been involved in a diverse range of activities ranging from undertaking compliance activities through to several positions as a national manager for functions within a Commonwealth department during his 25 years in a variety of roles in the Australian public service.

Previously Ian was with the former Department of Commerce as Executive Director, Corporate Services for two years and as the Director of Policy and Education in the WorkSafe Division for a period of five years.

Gary Newcombe

Service Delivery Group

Gary has more than 35 years’ experience in the Commonwealth and State public sectors, primarily in the areas of legal services; corporate investigations; policy development; community education and service delivery.

Previously, Gary was a director with Consumer Protection for 20 years. Prior to joining Consumer Protection, Gary worked in a range of legal, policy and investigations roles in the Commonwealth and Western Australian Public Services; for the Western Australian Parliament; and as a Ministerial advisor.

Julie de Jong

Strategic Business Innovation Group

Julie de Jong has extensive experience in high level transformational change, project management, and leadership of innovative solution development.

Previously Julie was with the former Department of Mines and Petroleum, and prior to that the former Department of Commerce, as Executive Director Strategic Projects and Executive Director Industry, Science and Innovation respectively.

Mick Banaszczyk

Corporate Services Group

Mick Banaszczyk has a wealth of experience in the areas of audit, industrial relations, finance, strategic planning and policy development.

Previously Mick was with the former Department of Mines and Petroleum as the Executive Director, Corporate Support. He also held positions with various state agencies, including the Water Corporation, Department of the Attorney-General and the Corruption and Crime Commission.

Connecting with our stakeholders

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Administered legislation

The department assists the Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Commerce and Industrial Relations in the administration of the Acts listed in this attachment.

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