About this report

The 2017–18 Annual Report is the inaugural report for the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Integrated reporting approach

This first report for the new department adopts the principles of integrated reporting to bring greater cohesion to the reporting process by breaking down siloed reporting. Information in this annual report is stylised and presented to demonstrate the department’s role as a regulator, service provider and policy maker.

DMIRS integrated reporting roles

Figure 1: Icons used to represent the three approaches

By presenting the department’s achievements and performance, and identifying case studies through the three approaches of the department, this report allows greater visibility and provides meaning to our decisions and the relationships with our stakeholders. It is a targeted effort to connect strategy, budget, governance and performance. As a new department this report presents our work in the context of priorities of government.

Our first 12 months of operation from proclamation of the department on 1 July 2017 required significant adjustment as we continued to fine-tune the amalgamations of functions. This annual report reflects how we have successfully integrated business functions, redefined who we are, and established our regulatory stewardship role.

This integrated thinking and style of reporting is a fresh and new approach that will become more embedded into departmental activities over time, naturally establishing the connection of information to the roles of regulator, service provider and policy maker.