Service 8

Labour relations

Key efficiency indicator S8.2: Average cost per client contact to provide information and advice.

What we measure

This measure reflects the information and advice activities delivered to clients for activities relating to the implementation and application of the Public Sector Wages Policy Statement 2016, the provision of labour relations services to and on behalf of government and public sector employers, and provision of information and education services to private sector employees and employers on their employment rights and obligations to assist with compliance with state employment laws.

How we measure

Private Sector Labour Relations and Public Sector Labour Relations staff collect three weeks of timesheet data as a representative snapshot for each quarter. Quarterly data is multiplied by 4.3333 to extrapolate a full year result. These figures are then combined to create a full year estimate of client contact hours.

In addition, regional contacts are calculated as a proportion of all regional enquiries. Similarly, the proportion of online contact relating to Labour Relations is also calculated and added to the total client contacts.

The total cost of service is divided by the total number of client contacts to achieve and average cost per client contact.

Our Performance

The department undertook 1,247,938 information and advice activities; which is lower than both the 2016–17 result of 1,442,051 and the estimated 1,385,152. As a result, the cost per unit of information and advice for 2017–18 of $2.38 was nine per cent less than the 2016–17 figure of $2.61 and 12 per cent less than the target of $2.71.

The decrease in average cost per client contact was due to an increased focus on provision of information online during 2017–18 which has resulted in an increase in website visits.

Table 46: Key efficiency indicator 8.2: Average cost per client contact to provide information and advice

2017–18 Target Actual Target +- Status
Overall results $2.71 $2.38 -12%
Comparison with previous year

Results in detail

  • In 2017–18 the number of enquiries answered by Wageline from private sector clients was 16,245.
  • In 2017–18 the number of electronic information units (Wageline Newsletter emails) delivered by Wageline to private sector clients was 37,822.