Service 4

Building Commission

Key efficiency indicator S4.1: Average cost per inspection.

What we measure

A key element of this department’s regulatory enforcement regime is to perform inspections of building services work to ensure compliance with building standards or the approved plans and specifications. Inspections of building services work, including that of builders, painters, plumbers and building surveyors, may be undertaken. Inspections performed fall under three categories: General inspections, compliance audit inspections, and investigations.

General inspections are proactive inspections designed to determine how building services have been carried out and how building standards have been applied. Compliance audit inspections are inspections undertaken of the work of a building services provider as part of a compliance audit. Investigations are inspections undertaken as part of an investigation into an alleged disciplinary matter or statutory offence.

How we measure

Quarterly data is collated to determine the annual result. The total cost of service is divided by the total number of investigations for the year to determine the unit cost.

Our Performance

During 2017–18, the department conducted 5,584 inspections, which is slightly lower than the 2016–17 figure of 5,606, and substantially lower than the anticipated 6,860.

Average cost per inspection is 52 per cent higher than 2016–17 and 58 per cent higher than target. This is due to reduced resources and the scope of the ongoing audit of the Perth Children’s Hospital and the State-wide cladding audit which diverted resources away from other inspections.

Table 38: Key efficiency indicator S4.1: Average cost per inspection

2017–18 Target Actual Target +- Status
Overall results $854.63 $1,348.84 58%
Comparison with previous year

Results in detail

  • In 2017–18 a total of 5,421 proactive and 163 reactive inspections were undertaken.