Service 3


Key efficiency indicator S3.3: Average cost per registration or licence.

What we measure

An important part of WorkSafe’s business is to ensure that employees who are exposed to high- risk materials or situations are appropriately trained to do so. To this end WorkSafe issues and administers Asbestos Removal Licences, Demolition Licences, High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) per class issues and the renewal of HRWL, Assessor Registrations, Plant Design Registrations and Plant Registrations.

How we measure

For this measure, the total cost of service is divided by the total number of licences issued over the reporting period to calculate an average cost per licence.

Our Performance

In 2017–18, a total of 73,573 registrations and licences were issued by the department, which was higher than the 65,951 in 2016–17, and similar to the target (73,937).

The average cost per registration or licence in 2017–18 of $63.38 was 30 per cent lower than the 2016–17 result of $90.05 and 23 per cent lower than the target of $82.29. This was primarily driven by a large increase in the number of high risk work licence renewals.

Table 37: Key efficiency indicator S3.3: Average cost per registration or licence

2017–18 Target Actual Target +- Status
Overall results $82.29 $63.38 -23%
Comparison with previous year

Results in detail

  • In 2017–18, 32,530 high risk work licence classes were issued, compared with 30,488 in 2016–17.
  • Similarly, in 2017–18 there were 36,646 renewals of high risk work licences, compared with 30,646 in 2016–17.
  • Plant design registrations were also slightly higher in 2017–18 (391 compared with 376 in 2016–17), as were demolition licences (73 compared with 63 in 2016–17).
  • Categories with fewer licences administered in 2017–18 than in 2016–17 included asbestos removal license (313 compared with 473), assessor registrations (140 compared with 211) and plant registrations (3,493 compared with 4,284).