Service 1

Consumer Protection

Key efficiency indicator S1.3: Average cost per inspection or investigation.

What we measure

This measure includes both inspections and investigations. Inspections and audit services are usually one-to-one transactions such as an inspector undertaking an assessment regarding a trader or employer meeting specified criteria. The provision of service often requires a visit by a Consumer Protection inspector to the premises of the trader, however desktop audits are also carried out.

How we measure

Data is collected each quarter and totalled to determine the end of year figure. The total cost of service is divided by the end of year figure to determine a cost per unit.

Our Performance

In 2017–18, a total of 35,721 inspections and investigations were completed, compared with 37,651 in 2016–17. The average cost per inspection or investigation was $390.77 which is 18 per cent higher than 2016–17 and 10 per cent lower than the target.

In 2016–17 investigations were higher than historical levels, resulting in an unusually low cost per unit. In 2017–18 the number of investigations has started to decrease but is not yet back to expected levels.

Table 31: Key efficiency indicator S1.3: Average cost per inspection or investigation

2017–18 Target Actual Target +- Status
Overall results $436.04 $390.77 -10%
Comparison with previous year

Results in detail

  • In 2017–18 there were fewer audit reports completed (4,460 compared with 4,695), compliance inspections (28,137 compared with 30,164), and traders named (51 compared with 64).
  • Conversely, in 2017–18 there were more fidelity fund investigations (46 compared with 19), investigations (2,936 compared with 2,626), and civil actions concluded (3 compared with 1).
  • Prosecutions remained steady at 23 for both years.