Outcome 5

Contribute to making Western Australia the destination of choice for responsible resource exploration, development and operations.

Key effectiveness indicator O5.4: Stakeholder satisfaction with the effectiveness of DMIRS as a resources sector regulator

What we measure

Stakeholder satisfaction of the department’s regulatory role in the resources sector is measured by undertaking an annual online survey. The survey was sent to stakeholders who engaged with the department in the previous 12 months, and included representatives from government departments, local government bodies, community members, industry, non-government organisations and regional community groups.

Insight into stakeholder satisfaction with the department as a resources sector regulator can inform future efficiencies and reduce public sector red tape by understanding where issues arise.

How we measure

Overall satisfaction is captured through an online quantitative survey. A single measure is used, asking the question:

“Overall how satisfied are you with the performance of DMIRS as an effective resources sector regulator”.

The same question is asked each year to ensure consistency. Satisfaction is calculated as the proportion of respondents who give a rating between six and ten, on a ten point scale.

Our Performance

The results show that satisfaction with the department as a resources sector regulator remains consistently high, with 83 per cent of respondents rating the department at six or higher out of ten. This result is slightly lower than 2016–17 and the 2017–18 target.

There were 1,033 respondents to the 2017–18 survey (7.9 per cent response rate), compared with 940 respondents for the 2016–17 survey (7.2 per cent response rate). Representation across the organisation was comparable between the two surveys.

Respondents performing tasks such as paying royalties, subscribing to publications or seeking guidance on resources regulations or policies had the highest satisfaction. Conversely, those who queried a ruling or decision, checked upcoming notices or deadlines for obligations, or responded to incidents or accidents reported the lowest satisfaction levels.

The survey found that stakeholder satisfaction is mainly driven by DMIRS’ ability to provide sufficient information for their needs. DMIRS presented strong performance across all staff measures. Nearly all respondents agreed/agree strongly staff are courteous and pleasant and believe staff are genuinely trying to help.

An area for focus going forward was the adequate management of the economic liabilities of abandoned mines.

Table 27: Key effectiveness indicator O5.4: Stakeholder satisfaction with effectiveness of DMIRS as a resource sector regulator

2017–18 Target Actual Target +- Status
Overall results 85% 83% -2%
Comparison with previous year

Results in detail

  • Amongst Royalties stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 88%.
  • Amongst Dangerous Goods stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 86%.
  • Amongst Geological Survey stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 83%.
  • Amongst Resources Safety stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 82%.
  • Amongst Mineral Titles stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 81%.
  • Amongst Petroleum stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 76%.
  • Amongst Environment stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 76%.
  • Amongst Corporate Services and Strategic provider stakeholders, overall satisfaction was 75%.