Key Performance Indicators

Section 4: Key Performance Indicators

During 2017-18, the department reported on 10 effectiveness and 19 efficiency indicators.

Outcome Based Management (OBM) Framework

The department’s Outcome Based Management (OBM) structure was revised to reflect the amalgamation of the two former departments’ OBMs and aligned to the new government goals. The integrated approach was considered better practice during a period of change. The merged OBM was implemented for the first time as part of the 2017–18 Budget Papers process.

Results show for the 2016–17 reporting year are as published in the 2016–17 Annual Report for the former Department of Mines and Petroleum and the Final Report for the Department of Commerce.

Key effectiveness indicators

Key effectiveness indicators provide information on the extent to which agency level government desired outcomes have been achieved.

There are 10 key effectiveness indicators for the department, which measure the extent to which its six outcomes are achieved.

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Key efficiency indicators

Key efficiency indicators relate services to the level of resource inputs required to deliver them. All efficiency indicators illustrate the average cost per program. They reflect the cost, including overheads, of conducting the department’s operational activities. The cost of the program is then divided by the quantity of activities achieved. These indicators exclude grants paid to external parties, costs associated with the implementation of the Agency Expenditure Review (AER) and the cost of non-operational activities.

The department has 19 indicators to measure service delivery across eight service areas.

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Key performance indicators

The linkage between the government goal, agency outcome and service to the community is demonstrated in the table below.

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Summary of results

A summary of KPI results is shown below. The summary reflects where KPIs contribute to the department’s Strategic Intent approach and impact as a Regulator, Service Provider, and Policy Maker. The results show the status of the KPI in relation to:

Targets met Targets exceeded Targets not met

To view the summary of 2017-18 performance compared to 2016-17 and targets please click on the pdf link provided below

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Certification on Key Performance Indicators

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