Disclosures and legal compliance

Communication services

Supporting a safe, fair and responsible future for the Western Australian community, industry and resources sector.

Communications protocols

Since the formation of the new department in July 2017, the respective communications protocols and policies for the former departments remain current and govern the internal and external communications between staff and stakeholders. Work will commence in 2018–19 to develop new policies and protocols for the department.

Communication services included internal and external communications, media liaison, speech writing, graphic design, web management, online surveys, eNewsletters and the production of the quarterly international resources development magazine, Prospect.

Assistance was also provided to deliver a range of events in the past 12 months including the Petroleum Open Day, GSWA Open Day, the Resources Sector Awards for Excellence, the Work Safety Awards 2017, Celebrate Safety Breakfast for Safe Work October 2017 and the Western Australian Consumer Protection Awards 2018.

During the past 12 months, the communication focus has been on ensuring the community, industry and stakeholders have access to timely and high quality information. The department’s Corporate Communications function has been working with all of its Groups to ensure a consistent style, approach and service.

Ministerial communications

In accordance with section 74 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994, the department has a Communications Protocol outlining the circumstances and manner in which communications (both written and verbal) shall be conducted between the Minister’s Office and the department.

Media Communications

In 2017–18, Corporate Communications provided a wide range of professional services to the department in accordance with Administrative Instruction 728 – Media and Public Communications.

Corporate Policy Framework

The department has established a framework to revise all internal policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure consistent application, in response to the Machinery of Government initiatives.

Freedom of Information

The department complies with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and provides the public with access to documents and information promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost. Whenever possible, documents are provided outside of the Freedom of Information (FOI) process.

The department has published a new information statement on our website. The statement outlines the FOI application process, departmental procedures, and contains common terms and search criteria. The statement has been updated and refreshed to now list significant documents and keywords. In 2017–18 there were 878 FOI applications made.