Case study: Programme of Work spatial lodgement system

Exploration drilling - supplied by Brian Lloyd

Our role as service provider has resulted in the following significant achievement.

Programme of Work spatial lodgement system

A total of 2,643 Programmes of Work (PoW) applications for exploration ground disturbance were assessed and approved this year, with 94 per cent approved within 30 business days.

This was enhanced by the department’s new PoW Spatial lodgement system which has been very effective in providing accurate and streamlined assessments.

Released in March 2017, PoW Spatial is an updated map-based application which allows users to enter their proposed activities, either by loading existing spatial files or creating spatial files on screen. The system conducts automatic checks by intersecting the proposed activities with other data layers of environmental and cultural significance, and alerts the user with the results.

The Acting Executive Director Resource and Environmental Compliance Karen Caple said “The new system had many benefits including real time feedback and allowing users to upload shape files. It gives the department all the relevant information on the tenement at the lodgement stage rather than the old system which wouldn’t look at the intersections until the assessment stage”.

“The system prompts information from the tenement holder earlier and means a faster process for all involved.”

PoW Spatial has reduced assessment timeframes by 7-10 days on average and survey feedback received in October 2017 indicated the new system is strongly supported by industry. Analysis of the feedback revealed:

  • 93 per cent of respondents were ‘satisfied to very satisfied’ with the system’s usability, training and further support received over the telephone;
  • 65 per cent of respondents had successfully lodged a POW Spatial application without training; and
  • broad support for the extension of acceptable file formats in addition to shapefiles.