Section 6: Appendices

Our appendices contain additional information on the department's activities including changes to written law, department specific reporting and board and committee remuneration.

Changes to written law

New legislation

Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Hydraulic Fracturing) Regulations 2017

Effective from December 2017, the new regulations aim to prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing in the metropolitan, Peel and South West regions of Western Australia. A moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing in all other regions of the state is ending on 30 June 2020.

Amendment(s) to legislation

The following legislative amendments came into effect during the reporting period and are listed in alphabetical order by Act or Regulation.

Repealed legislation

No legislation administered by the department was repealed during 2017–18.

Department specific reporting

The department is required by some of the Acts that it administers to report details in the annual report concerning the performance of functions under that Act. Required details include the number, nature and outcome of compliance activities conducted under the powers of the Act, and other general issues relating to administration of the Act by the responsible person or body. e.g. Commissioner for Consumer Protection or the Plumbers Licensing Board.

Board and Committee Remuneration

The department is required to report on the individual and aggregate costs of remunerating all positions on boards and committees as defined in the Premier’s Circular 2017/08 – State Government Boards and Committees. Tables 67 to 82 detail the remuneration received by members of the department’s boards, commissions, committees, panels and working groups.